Travel Expense for Use w/Travel Cards
1423 R15
Comptroller's Office - E. Rossow 278-4391
6/22/15 1:05 PM

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You may still use the Administrative Manual Section 5.11 INSTRUCTIONS as the "bible" for travel until it can be reissued. This is because the only differences when using version R15 are explained below. Please print this page for your records.

The significant changes to Version R15 are these:
    1. Travel Card # (last 4 digits) - This is a field in which you will enter the last 4 digits of the travel card used for the trip so that payments can be easily tracked back to the travel card used. 
    2. Amount Paid by Travel Card - This column will not be used for anything other than payments issued with a Milwaukee County travel card.  If you do not use the travel card for a particular trip, this column will be blank.  If you do use a travel card, enter by type of expense everything that is paid using it.
    3. Amount Paid by Federal Forfeiture - This column will not be used by any department except the Sheriff's Department.  If they do not use monies from the Forfeiture fund, this column will be blank.  If they do use monies from the Forfeiture fund, they will enter by type of expense everything that is paid using it.
    4. Other Amounts Expensed - This column will be used for everything else that is paid by any other means except a Milwaukee CountyTravel Card or the Sheriff's Federal Forfeiture Fund.  It does not matter how it was paid.  For example, the money could have been paid in cash, check, the employee's personal credit card or an advance from the Treasurer's Office etc.  Enter other amounts paid by type of expense.  Remember to attach paid receipts.​
    5. Less Amount Advanced by Treasurer - This is a field, not a column.  This field is the total of all advance checks issued by the Treasurer's Office for for any reason (i.e. Cash Advance, Hotel Advance, Airline Advance, Registration Advance).  It should never contain any dollars that were NOT advanced on a check from the Treasurer's Office.
    6. Department Card Coordinator signature block - This is a new signature field on the form.  It is intended for the signature of your department's Milwaukee County Travel Card Coordinator.   If the travel card was not used, this signature is not needed.​
    7. The "Document Total" and "Total Expenses" fields are both calculated by the form.

This section tells you what has NOT changed on the form.  You will continue to enter the following:
  • White fields are still fields you can enter data into, but Yellow fields are fields calculated by the form from the data you enter.
  • A TE document ID, if one was issued (For example TE 370 009999)
  • The employee's vendor number, name, title and location
  • The trip's destination and its destination code(s)
  • The "Document Total" field, which should match the "Total Expenses of the Trip" row's far right field
  • The start & end dates, as well as, the start & end times for the trip
  • The purpose of the trip and it's trip code
  • The type of "Transportation" (i.e. air, bus etc)
  • The number of nights stayed in a hotel if claimed.
  • Explanations of unusual expenses or calculations go in the Explanation column.
  • The "Document Total" and "Total Expenses" fields are calculated by the form and will match the "Total Expenses of Trip" field, which is also calculated by the form.

    (See attached file: 1423 R15 Travel Expense Rpt FOR USE w-TRAVEL CARD.xls)
    (See attached file: 7.13 INSTRUCTIONS Travel Expense for Use w-Travel Cards 2018-02-16.pdf)
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